• The new iPhone SE doesn't have Night Mode
  • There's a way to enable Night Mode on the new iPhone SE
  • It involves an app called NeuralCam

Apple's newest handset, the 2020 iPhone SE, is an affordable device that runs on the A13 Bionic chip powering the iPhone 11 series of smartphones. While the A13 is capable of giving the new budget-friendly device some well-needed camera software features, the device still doesn't have one of the most prized features in Cupertino's latest flagship lineup – Night Mode.

The iPhone 11 series' Night Mode was a highly-acclaimed mobile photography feature that set Apple's latest handsets apart from its older devices, as well as some offerings from the competition. Sadly, the new iPhone SE doesn't have it.

Thankfully, there's a way to enable Night Mode on the new budget iPhone, iPhoneHacks reported. It involves paying a small amount of money for a download, but since the iPhone SE is but $399 apiece, it's still worth a try.

How to enable Night Mode on the iPhone SE

  • First, iPhone SE users will need to download NeuralCam from the App Store. NeuralCam is a popular third-party app that allows any iPhone model to capture low light photos. NeuralCam normally costs $4.99, but it's discounted to $2.99 as of writing time. Those who want to take low light shots with the iPhone SE better get it fast.
  • Second, once the app is downloaded and installed to the iPhone SE, all users need to do is to launch it and start taking photos in the dark.

NeuralCam will process every photo taken in low light settings. It will normally take some time to process night images, but once it's done, the resulting image will look like it was taken in brighter conditions. Look at some samples, courtesy of the app's developers:

Just a few reminders and things to note with regards to using NeuralCam:

  • While taking photos, users will do well to hold still until the capturing circle appears and is there on the screen. This is NeuralCam at work.
  • Low light photos will need to be processed a bit longer than photos taken under brighter lighting conditions.
  • NeuralCam is currently limited to capturing images with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,440 on the iPhone SE.
  • NeuralCam offers support for Night Mode on both the front and back cameras of the iPhone SE. This means users will be able to take low light selfies without any worries.
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