• Apple has announced the new Apple One subscription bundle
  • The bundle brings Apple's subscription services, including Apple Music and Apple TV+, together in one package
  • Apple One has three pricing tiers, Individual, Family and Premier

Apple has announced its new subscription service bundle, Apple One, and is offering several different plans to consumers, each bringing the company's software services together in a more affordable package.

The new Apple One bundles up to six of Apple's subscription services into one package, allowing consumers to enjoy the company's various offerings without having to pay the same amount they'll have to if they subscribe to each service separately.

Apple promises that the new bundles will allow users to access each service across their devices. Those who get the Family or Premier plan will be able to invite others to enjoy the services, and each person will get private access to each service. It's like getting up to five Individual plans, but for way less.

The new bundles will let users enjoy four or six services, depending on the bundle being purchased. Here's a quick look at the three different plans and their respective inclusions.

  • Individual - $14.95 per month

This plan gives one user access to Apple's music streaming service Apple Music, TV streaming service Apple TV+ and games streaming service Apple Arcade, along with 50GB of iCloud storage. This lets users save over $6 per month.

  • Family - $19.95 per month

This plan lets subscribers invite up to six family members to enjoy the services included in the Individual plan – Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud. The plan bumps iCloud storage up to 200GB. The plan lets users save even more, based on the savings possible via the Individual plan.

  • Premier - $29.95 per month

This plan, where available, also lets subscribers invite up to six family members to enjoy the services included in the Individual plan – Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud. But it adds Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ to the mix. The plan also bumps iCloud storage up to 2TB.

Apple Fitness+?

Apple Fitness+ is the company's fitness subscription service designed to work well with the Apple Watch. It offers a personalized workout experience based on the metrics the Apple Watch acquires from daily use. This feature will arrive later this year.

Apple said Apple One will include a 30-day free trial for services that users do not currently have. Subscribing to the plan results in receiving only one invoice per month. Users will be able to change or cancel their plan at any given time.

apple_apple-one_family-of-devices_09152020 Apple's new Apple One bundles lets subscribers enjoy several services in one cheaper package. Photo: Apple