Apple MacBook Pro
More and more analysts seem to agree that Apple is releasing a 16-inch MacBook Pro anytime soon. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Apple’s new line of MacBooks are impressively thin and lightweight, but the MagSafe charging port has been replaced by the USB-C. However, it’s been discovered recently that the much-loved hardware feature might be returning soon.

A newly published patent filed by Apple last year has revealed that the tech giant is working on a MagSafe to USB-C adapter. The patent was first discovered by Mashable earlier this week.

The illustration of the proposed MagSafe to USB-C adapter appears to be a miniature dongle that users could simply insert on a newer MacBook’s USB-C port. The dongle will basically allow owners of newer MacBook models to use the older MagSafe charging cable.

MagSafe Adapter
The illustration of Apple's proposed MagSafe to USB-C adapter for its latest line of MacBooks. United States Patent And Trademark Office

The great thing about the adapter is that it doesn’t dangle off of the MacBook. It sits snuggly right on the side of a MacBook and practically doesn’t take up too much space, nor does it add too much to the overall size of a MacBook.

Other third-party manufacturers have been offering this kind of dongle for some time now. Tech accessory maker Griffin released a $40 MagSafe-like dongle called the BreakSafe USB-C cable last year, as pointed out by The Verge.

Apple’s latest line of MacBooks have been criticized heavily for its lack of older ports, but the absence of the MagSafe connector seems to be its biggest sin. The MagSafe connector has always added a layer of safety. It easily detaches to MacBooks and effectively avoids anyone from tripping on the cable and sending a user’s MacBook off the table.

Although Apple appears to still believe that MagSafe has a place in its current lineup of MacBooks, it’s clear that the company is adamant that USB-C is here to stay since it’s considered to be the new industry standard.