• Apple has a patent for an advanced car seat system
  • It allows the chair to be more adaptable to its seater
  • Apple is silent about their progress with the Project Titan car

Apple has recently been granted a patent for an adaptive car seat system. The system allows the car seat to adapt itself according to the seater’s comfort. The new designs could be used on Apple’s upcoming smart car.

According to the new Apple patent on the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, the new system is designed to be adaptive to its seaters through its new motorized parts and features. Tension, seat suspension, and the retractor are all adaptive as stated in this patent.

The adaptive tensile surface allows the Project Titan’s seats to add the seat’s covering if it detects the first control signal. Meanwhile, it also retracts the seat once it detects a second control signal. The covering on the seat can be adjusted.

Meanwhile, the patent also shows the adaptive seat suspension system which also adjusts the suspensions of the seat based from two separate control signals.

Lastly, the motorized retractor system allows the seat to adjust the spools depending on the tension on the two spools of the chair.

Overall, the Project Titan could have an adaptive chair that adjusts itself according to its seater. Most smart cars often still rely on the usual technology of regular car seats as it works well. Apple could have been setting the Project Titan to be the forefront of smart car seats along with the whole smart car industry.

As of now, Apple has been secretive with the progress on the Project Titan smart car. The public has yet to see its design and Apple is in total radio silence about their smart car project. This patent could also be one of their designs that are never used in actual production as with their other thousand patents.

Currently, Tesla is now leading the smart car industry as the company is slowly adding smart features to their electric cars. Its competition is struggling to keep up with the success of Tesla. Apple could be their rival if the Project Titan smart car gets widely successful too.

Apple driverless car Project Titan An Apple executive recently met with California motor vehicle officials to discuss regulations for autonomous cars. Photo: Reuters/Aly Song