Want to do some Christmas shopping but dread the long lines at retailer stores and shops? If you’re using the Safari browser, then there’s an easy way for you to buy great items online and pay for all of them with Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay is the mobile payment and digital wallet service that the Cupertino giant launched in 2014. It enables users to conveniently make payments in person or on the web, with the latter being preferred by those who do not have the time or simply can’t visit brick-and-mortar stores.

Since Apple Pay on the Web requires verification using biometric sensors, the most ideal Mac device to use is one that has Touch ID. This means the 2016 MacBook Pro and newer can take advantage of the feature easily with just a touch on the Touch ID power button. 

For users who have MacBooks with Touch ID, the payment process begins by tapping the Apple Pay button. Before paying for shopped items, check billing, shipping and contact information. To change to a different card in case the default one doesn’t work, tap the button that has the arrow head up and arrow head down icon. 

To finalize a purchase, follow the prompts on the Touch Bar and place a finger on Touch ID. The Apple Pay icon on the Touch Bar should then be tapped to complete the process. A “Done” notice alongside a checkmark would appear on the screen if payment is complete. 

For those who are still using MacBooks without Touch ID, there is still a way for you to pay for the items you purchased via the Safari browser. But you will need an iPhone or an Apple Watch with biometric sensors. Be sure that you are signed in with the same Apple ID on your devices for the digital payment to work.

The process for Macs without Touch ID is different. It requires users to turn on Bluetooth functionality of their computer and pair them to their iPhone or Apple Watch. Tapping Touch ID on iPhone 8 or earlier and double-clicking the side button on the Apple Watch commences the payment process. 

After checking or entering billing, shipping and contact information, all of the details are stores on the iPhone for easy retrieval. Then to confirm the payment, simply tap Touch ID on iPhone 8 or earlier models or double-click the side button on the Apple Watch. 

This also works on iPhone X and newer models. To verify a payment for your Christmas shopping using those devices, double-click the side button then, use Face ID or passcode. As with before a “Done” notification and check mark are shown to signify completion of task.