iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 is the latest flagship device from Apple. It is also the penultimate handset prior the 10th anniversary iPhone that is due to arrive next year. Getty Images/Sean Gallup

Apple is reportedly in the process of developing its 10th anniversary iPhone that’s slated to be released next year. To keep everything under wraps, the Cupertino giant is said to be building its iPhone 7 successor in Israel.

Business Insider has learned from an Apple employee working at the company’s office in Israel that Samsung’s biggest rival is working on the “iPhone 8,” which is expected to come with a different look than this year’s iPhone 7.

The office the employee was referring to is the one in Herzliya, Israel. The said employee, who solders components for Apple, admitted that the company’s employees in Israel are currently developing all of the tech giant’s upcoming products.

It can be noted that early last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the Herzliya office, which is considered the second-largest R&D facility in the world. The Times of Israel reported then that the company had around 700 employees working on various components, while around 6,000 were focused on Apple’s developer program for its mobile operating system’s applications.

Meanwhile, without giving away specific details about the next-generation iPhone, the employee simply said that the iPhone 8 is going to be “different” from the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6s — both predecessors came with very similar design.

According to MacRumors, though the employee gave a vague input on how the next iPhone would be distinct from the ones on the market, it is clear how the company could be really pushing for the rumored radical redesign since the naming scheme for the iPhones is unlikely to be followed next year.

Apple is known for keeping its traditions, so it is normal for people to speculate that the next iPhone is going to be called the “iPhone 7s” following the release of the iPhone 7 this month. With the employee’s revelation, however, it appears that it’s very unlikely for the new smartphone to just be a minor update of the iPhone 7 that would bear the addition of an “S” for its name.

The employee also revealed to Business Insider that the next iPhone is going to have a better camera than the ones found in its predecessors. It isn’t clear how Apple wants to go about this, but the addition of the dual-lens camera into the standard iPhone wouldn’t be that surprising at this point.

If previous rumors are to be believed, the 2017 iPhone could be rocking an all-glass body with an edge-to-edge display. It is also being rumored that the new display technology would mean the end for the traditional Home button, since Touch ID would be deeply integrated into the edge-to-edge display.

An Apple representative was asked to comment on the things the Herzliya office employee said, but the former pointed out that the tech giant is not one to comment on rumors or speculations.