Apple Macbooks
Apple Mac laptops and desktops will reportedly receive the macOS Sierra software update this October. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Just three days after releasing iOS 10 beta 7, Apple is rolling its equivalent beta for macOS Sierra this Monday. The new Mac OS beta is the seventh version for developers and the sixth version for public beta testers.

According to Apple Insider, there are still no specific details about what macOS Sierra beta 7 brings, but it is expected to clean up serious bugs and performance issues found in the previous betas to polish the new operating system ahead of its launch sometime this fall.

Based on the previous betas, macOS Sierra is going to introduce new features to Apple’s Mac devices. First and foremost, the new OS is going to bring the Cupertino firm’s intelligent assistant for the iPhones and the iPad tablets, Siri, to Macs. This integration will enable Apple laptop and desktop users to do searches and commands using their voice and without the need to physically encode anything onto their devices.

The upcoming macOS Sierra will also add a continuity feature called Auto Unlock to Mac devices, making it possible for users to unlock them with the use of an Apple Watch.

For easy access to files and documents, macOS Sierra will come with deeper iCloud integration, so users can retrieve any file saved in a certain device using any of their Apple devices, as per MacRumors.

The new OS will also arrive with an improved Safari browser that disables Flash content by default when users are browsing the web in favor of HTML5 content. Should users really need to access or view Flash content, they can enable Flash on a per-use basis, 9To5Mac reported in June. In addition, Safari 10 is expected to provide a secure means of mobile payment through Apple Pay.

The new macOS Sierra beta 7 is now available to download from the Apple Development Center or over the air. However, only users enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program are capable of downloading this beta.

The release of the seventh developer beta of macOS Sierra comes a week after the sixth beta was rolled out. The official operating system is rumored to be released in October, a month after Apple launches its new iPhone 7.