• Apple canceled AirPower in 2018
  • A new report indicates that Apple is still working on AirPower
  • The new charging mat might be released in the future, according to a noted analyst

Apple once got fans excited over a device called the AirPower – a charging mat that was supposed to charge three different Apple devices, each with unique charging requirements, when placed on it. What's revolutionary about the mat is that users won't have to place devices in specific locations. They can simply place the devices anywhere on the mat in order to get charged.

Due to some technical problems, however, Apple was forced to announce that it is cancelling the ambitious project. The cancellation caused a lot of fans to feel disappointed that they won't get the charging mat they've waited for. It also allowed other companies to take advantage of the situation and release charging mats capable of charging three devices, but only when placed in specific areas.

Back again

Despite the cancellation, however, it appears that Apple hasn't totally given up on the concept. According to noted tipster Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, sources tell him that the AirPower project “isn't dead.” In a tweet, Prosser said the “project is back on, internally,” indicating that Apple is still working on the cancelled device.

Prosser noted that while there's no guarantee that it will be released to the market, the company is looking for ways to deal with the issues that the earlier AirPower units faced: heating. Prosser's sources told him that Apple is “trying to re-engineer the coils to displace heat more effectively.” He added that the iPhone maker is currently busy “prototyping” the charging mat.

Coming soon?

Famous TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously claimed that Apple hasn't stopped thinking about the AirPower, and might release a “smaller” charging mat anytime this year, particularly during the first half of 2020. He didn't elaborate on the device, but it is possible that it is the same charging mat that Prosser is talking about.

Apple hasn't announced anything about the return of the canceled AirPower at the moment. Considering how two reports –one coming from an analyst with a reliable track record– talk about the same thing, it's pretty likely that indeed, Cupertino is actually working on one. A release date, however, remains unknown at the moment.