• Apple canceled AirPower in 2018
  • Leaker Jon Prosser said the company is working on AirPower internally
  • A new report claims that the new AirPower is "less ambitious" compared to the original, but canceled, model

Apple is still working on a charging mat, but it won't be as “ambitious” as the AirPower that the company canceled in 2018, a report claims.

Apple got many of its fans hyped after announcing a revolutionary charging mat that would allow users to charge any iDevice by placing them anywhere atop the charging area. Sadly, the supposedly revolutionary charging mat was canceled, disappointing consumers.

However, reports of a new AirPower charging mat have recently started appearing online again. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported that Apple is indeed working on a new charging mat, but it will be a “less ambitious wireless charger for the iPhone.”

Gurman's words seem to indicate that the upcoming charger won't be the same AirPower that fans wanted to have. It might not even be able to charge an Apple Watch as the wearable required charging coils larger than those used to charge iPhones and iPads. This difference could even be the cause of the AirPower's overheating issues.

Prolific leaker Jon Prosser earlier said Apple is working on the project “internally.” His sources added that the company is looking for ways to prevent the device from overheating while charging different devices simultaneously.

That said, should fans stop waiting for the AirPower mat? Not at all, if Gurman and Prosser's track records when it comes to Apple leaks are anything to go by.


Those who don't want to wait for Apple to release the “less ambitious” AirPower, however, can simply go ahead and try Nomad's Base Station Pro.

This charging mat features “FreePower,” a new technology that “aims to deliver on the original promise of AirPower,” Gurman reported. FreePower was made by an Arizona-based startup named Aira Inc.

What's interesting about Aira's FreePower technology is that aside from being able to charge multiple devices simultaneously, it is able to charge non-Apple devices, such as those from Google and Samsung, side-by-side.

An image on the startup's website, shared below, shows the device in action.

What about Apple?

Apple fans who'd rather wait for the iPhone maker to release its charging mat might have to wait a bit more.

Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously claimed that the company might release a “smaller” charging mat sometime in 2020. The analyst's accurate track record indicates that it won't be long before this device arrives.

Aira Nomad-Base-Station-Pro The Nomad Base Station Pro uses Aira Inc.'s "FreePower" technology to charge several devices simultaneously. Photo: Aira