An Apple store being constructed in Hamburg, Germany was defaced with a Windows logo on Saturday. More precisely, it was a Windows logo with incorrect coloring as the blue and green squares were swapped.

The Windows logo banner was hung on the narrow side of the rectangular prism Apple store.

The defacement job was pulled in broad day light. Two young men, dressed as construction workers, strolled up to the side of the store with a ladder and Windows banner. They set up a phony parameter around their phony work space, erected the ladder, and climbed up.

Then, they erected four pieces of the Windows logo one by one, first the orange, then the blue on the wrong spot at the upper right, then the green on the wrong spot at the lower left, and finally the orange.

Meanwhile, people walking around their work space didn’t seem to notice. It wasn’t until after they’ve finished their defacement that a blonde woman finally took note and snapped a picture of the defacement.

The reported that the defacement was taken down later that day. The video of the defacement was posted on a YouTube channeled called WAVEcollective. The defaced Apple store is set to open by the end of September, reported PC World.