Apple's coming television project has fueled much speculations over its features.

There are suggestions that viewers will be able to control the television by voice. Siri, the virtual assistance feature available in iPhone 4S, could be available in the television as well.

There also have been reports that Apple is engaging in discussion with media companies on motion control of television. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple has been meeting with media executives, sharing its vision for the future of TV. In these meetings, Apple is reported to have elaborated a future technology that will respond to the voice and movements of the user.

An upgraded version of AirPlay, which will let the user begin viewing a video on TV and pick it up on other devices like smartphones, is another reported possible feature in the Apple TV. Currently AirPlay allows the user to start viewing on mobile device such as iPad or iPhone.

There has been also report of possibility of integrating DVR storage and iCloud. This will ensure that irrespective of whether a TV show was originally recorded or viewed the user will be in a position watch the recorded TV shows on any Apple device.

As of now, customers have to keep their fingers crossed and wait to see when the TV will be launched by Apple with the expected features.