• There is a new Apple Watch feature that allows users to monitor their bodies' response to sickness
  • Apple is anticipated to roll out a new Apple Watch update within this year
  • It is expected to introduce new features like sleep tracking, parental controls, and more

Over the years, some Apple Watch users share on various outlets how the smart wearable from the Cupertino tech giant saved their lives. Just when we think it has nothing more to offer, we are mistaken. A new report claims that Apple Watch users could tap an app that could help them monitor their bodies' response to the lethal COVID-19.

Apple Watch App

The latest piece of information comes from AppleInsider, which reveals that the app called Cardiogram could help Apple Watch users keep track of their response to the symptoms of infections like flu or COVID-19. The new feature is available in the heart health app. What can it do?

The Cardiogram app on Apple Watch is very helpful as it was used as part of various research. It has a tight HealthKit and watchOS integration that institutions like San Francisco's Health eHeart Study and the University of California appreciate. The developer of the Cardiogram app is hoping that the data that the app relays could be used to help prevent the spread and solve the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Beginning Thursday, the Apple Watch cardiogram app introduces a feature that allows users to see and monitor heart rate variations. Through this, Apple Watch users could have more data to monitor their health. "Cardiogram's new Sleeping BPM feature can help users become more aware of how their body is responding to symptoms of the flu or other illnesses including COVID-19," revealed Cardiogram's Co-Founder Johnson Hsieh.

The new feature is founded on the notion that when your body is sick, it releases signals to the brain to amplify the heart rate. This happens because the immune system of the body deploys histamines that cause inflammation and enlargement of blood vessels. The increased heart rate, according to the executive, is most remarkable when the user is asleep. Because of this, the new Apple Watch could provide insights into how a user's body responds to the sickness.

New Apple Watch Update

In other Apple Watch news, the popular Apple smart wearable is rumored to receive a new update on Sept. 2020. Among the speculated features included in the upcoming update includes parental controls, sleep tracking, and new smartwatch faces.