Apple Watch
The Apple Watch has a wide range of health functions. Pictured: Jeff Williams, chief operating officer of Apple Inc., speaks during an Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on September 12, 2018 in Cupertino, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It seems there’s so much to look forward to from the Apple Watch Series 5.

According to recent reports, the smartwatch which now centers most of its functions on health features has a number of exciting new elements to look forward to.

We know that the Apple Watch is now capable of keeping tabs with your heart rate via its ECG functions, a feature which was once available only in the U.S., but soon we might be seeing a smartwatch that’s capable of measuring sleep. The sleep tracking, if indeed true, could be a great help for wearers who wish to manage stress levels and other health concerns.

A previous report revealed that the next Apple smartwatch could actually be capable of detecting scents and various gases. This would be helpful to people with very delicate olfactory senses and could help detect dangerous gases in the atmosphere. This would work particularly for those who are sensitive to specific allergens.

Now, new reports are also pointing to another cool feature of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5: motion sensors. According to Inverse, a patent application, which was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office early this year, showed that the Cupertino company could be working on a new technology that when embedded into a device could carry out some cool motion-recognition functions.

The sensor could work through the smartwatch’s ECG and built-in tilt sensor, which means that by making specific wrist movements it can carry out commands that usually needs the user tapping on the screen to work. This includes opening iMessages and even scrolling through quick replies to answer.

Another possibility is the detecting blood flow patterns of a user’s wrist to allow them to answer a call. Change in blood flow when a wearer closes his wrist and then opening the hands again could actually be enough to answer a phone call.

This function could very well mean the use of a special kind of strap to function so it’s another innovation that’s worth waiting. In retrospect, all the supposed features of the Apple Watch Series 5 is something to look forward to. And if the previous success of the Apple smartwatch is any indication, something Apple Watch fans won’t mind paying the premium again just to acquire.