The Apple Watch Series 5 is one gadget that’s considered to the most-anticipated in the Cupertino giant’s 2019 lineup aside from the iPhone 11. 

This is because the Apple Watch has successfully dominated the smartwatch market in the last few years and with the Apple 4 being considered as one of the best. In fact, the Apple Watch made up more than half of the total smartwatch sales of 2018. 

Because of this, the Cupertino firm is bound to come up with an even better version of its excellent variant from last year. There are already a number of notable functions that the Apple Watch is capable of. 

This includes the life-saving ECG feature, which became available to several countries in the last few months. It has also been confirmed that the Cupertino giant is coming up with a smartwatch that’ll aid people with hearing problems. 

Through a watchOS 6 feature, which is expected to drop along with the next Apple Watch, users can expect the Noise App that is said to give users a warning when the noise in certain places are too loud. There’s also the Cycles App that is reportedly designed to help women who need to track their menstrual cycle for fertility purposes.

Aside from these two features, some analysts also believe that there’s a possibility for the Apple Watch 5 to have other cool features such as blood pressure measurement and maybe even a sleep-tracking function. 

There are also those that hope that the Apple Watch could have some other nifty functions, one of which is the Wi-Fi assist. A report from 9to5 Mac shared that it is time for a Wi-Fi Assist function for the Apple Watch. 

It works by allowing the smartwatch to get connected to wi-fi internet without the burden of relying on Bluetooth or LTE connection, which mostly relies on being tethered to the iPhone. The Wi-Fi assist feature is now more possible since the Apple Watch Series 5 is slowly becoming more autonomous as it will now have its own App Watch Store. 

By being independent of the iPhone, it will be easier to connect the smartwatch to Wi-Fi connection which means that it’ll be easier to check on iMessages, e-mails or even searches for something via Siri. 

Of course, this would require a very important update for the Apple Watch which is better battery life if it aims to sustain a function like the Wi-Fi assist. Since this is still a speculation, the wait for actual Apple Watch Series 5 functions remains to be exciting speculation for now.