Apple promised that the new Apple Watch Series 5 will continue to have the same battery life as that of the Series 4 models even with new features such as an always-on display. Some who purchased the new wearable, however, say that this isn’t the case.

Here’s a quick rundown on what people say about the Series 5’s battery life.

Various tech sites reported that Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 5 lives up to the Cupertino tech giant’s promise of an 18-hour battery life even with the new always-on display feature working. Some of them say that the new wearable lasts even longer than that.


The Verge reported that based on its testing, the Series 5 “gets 18 hours with standard use.” The new wearable might not have the same battery life as that of its predecessor, but it doesn’t break Apple’s promise of an 18-hour battery life.

TechCrunch seconded this by saying the Series 5, based on its own testing, was able to last up to 20 hours on a single charge. This means the new device has to be charged at least once every day, or else the user will run out of battery life the following day.

A review from Buzzfeed reveals that the Series 5 is able to last even longer when the always-on display feature is turned off. According to its testing, the Series 5 was able to last over 21 hours and still had some battery life left the next day.

Not impressed

Others aren’t impressed with the Apple Watch Series 5’s battery life, however. Some netizens tested the device on their own and reported some unpleasant results.

A Twitter user named C.M. Pun said his Series 5 model didn’t last 13 hours. He said he took his Series 5 “watch off of the charger around 11:50am at 100% and it dying around 1:16am is not good.”

Another Twitter user named Paul Hudson said his Series 5 performed “significantly worse” compared to his Series 4. The battery is down to 38% after just one day, without workouts. “And for what – so the screen can be on when I’m not looking at it?” he said.

Lastly, a Redditor named Seesh said his Series 5 lasted for only seven hours. After restarting it, however, the redditor noticed that it lasted longer.

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