• Apple Watch Series 6 will finally activate the idle blood oxygen level monitor
  • ASE Technology is behind the blood oxygen level feature
  • Apple Watch Series 6 new features can help people monitor their health closer during COVID-19

The Apple Watch Series 6 is anticipated to come out later this year alongside the iPhone 12. So far, some features to look out for are out in the open. The latest on the Apple wearable is that it will come with a long-rumored feature in the blood oxygen level monitoring.

This ramps up the anticipated features for the Apple Watch Series 6. The blood oxygen level monitoring offers another feature that appends its array of health sensors that include detecting heart-related issues.

ASE Technology is the group behind the said technology, something that has been around since the first Apple Watch. According to Digitimes, ASE Technology has now gotten major orders for the Apple Watch 6.

The blood oxygen detection feature was reportedly around for some time now but has never been enabled. This allegation hardly comes as a surprise. There are features that the Apple Watch has that have not been put to use. That includes ones tied to the sleep-tracking feature that Apple vice president of technology Kevin Lynch claims was there from the start.

The new feature should be welcome news to Apple Watch owners and potential buyers who want to keep better track of their health. Given that most are now conscious about their overall health, monitoring their blood oxygen levels is something most will be looking forward to.

This blood oxygen detection feature is the latest speculated one tied to the Apple Watch Series 6. In a previous post, another feature the Apple wearable is expected to have is a feature that would help individuals deal with forms of anxiety and sleep problems.

Another feature that should come in handy these days is the mental-health abnormalities detection feature. Mental health has been a concern during these times and adding that to the Apple Watch 6 should come in handy moving forward.

But if there is one feature that would be handy right now, it would have to be the sleep-tracking feature. Getting proper sleep these days is hard for some due to one reason or another. Some are suffering from their usual sleep cycle while others may be dealing with sleep issues like insomnia. More updates on the features of the Apple Watch Series 6 should follow in the coming months.

Researchers are seeking to use data collected from wearables like the Apple Watch for early signals of coronavirus infections Researchers are seeking to use data collected from wearables like the Apple Watch for early signals of coronavirus infections Photo: AFP / Johannes EISELE