• Apple Glass to cost $499
  • Apple Glass holds option for prescription lens
  • Apple Glass release may happen in late 2021 or early  2022

The Apple Glass is gaining steam and more details have emerged. The new product from the Cupertino company is seen as the company's formal entry into the virtual reality world, an augmented reality/ virtual reality headset that allegedly resembles Facebook's Oculus Quest.

The new details come from leaker Jon Prosser, someone who has been consistent when it comes to Apple leaks. His latest revelation includes the price for the Apple Glass together with some options for people who may be using it. Prosser claims that the Apple Glass will be priced starting at $499. Aside from that, people can also have it made with prescription lenses but with extra cost.

Aside from that, all other projected specs of the Apple Glass seem on point with previous reports. That includes seeing a device that can be hooked up to the company's popular iPhone, somehow similar to how the Apple Watch is connected. The displays in both lenses can be interacted using gestures and may come out by late 2021 or early 2022.

There are already early prototypes of the Apple Glass featuring LiDAR and wireless charging. Further, the Apple Glass was originally set to be unveiled at a "One More Thing" surprise when the company unveils its new iPhone models in the fall. But due to the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a chance that the Apple Glass unveiling could be pushed to March 2021.

With more specs and the potential suggested retail price for the Apple Glass out in the open, Apple seems bent on crashing the virtual reality world. As mentioned in a previous post, the Cupertino company upped the stakes a bit when they acquired NextVR. This was a startup company specializing in virtual live event content, likely to be part of Apple's augmented reality plans.

Through NextVR, Apple is expected to expand possibilities both for consumers and the business sector. Gaming and virtual reality solutions in the commercial sense are likely to come out. Virtual reality has been around but has never really gained ground. But with new technology breakthroughs, it appears Apple is determined to finally make it all work. One company who has thrived in the VR niche is Valve with "Half-Life: Alyx." They enjoyed millions of users and VR headset sales, something that Apple is likely monitoring right now.

Apple AR Glasses
Apple's changes within its internal management suggest a focus on its wearables segment. Apple AR Glasses could be in the design pipeline says report. United States Patent and Trademark Office