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Apple is readying a new Apple TV with Siri voice control and a new, dedicated App Store. Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. plans to unveil a new version of its Apple TV in June, according to a new report. The updated set-top box will come with its own app store, as well as improved hardware and Apple’s Siri digital assistant.

Apple recently reduced the price of its third-generation Apple TV from $99 to $69. The model was updated most recently in 2013, and is being updated to compete better with Amazon’s Fire TV, which includes a voice-control feature, as well as Google’s Android TV platform.

Microsoft already has plans to bring certain Windows 10 apps to its Xbox One game and entertainment console. Apple will reportedly give app developers a software development kit so that they are able to make new software specific to the streaming media player, according to a report from Buzzfeed.

Apple is preparing a major hardware overhaul for the new Apple TV, the report claims, citing “sources with knowledge of the company’s plans.” The new hardware includes the same system-on-a-chip that powers Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The report also says Apple plans to dramatically increase the device’s built-in memory.

Buzzfeed points to an update on Apple’s website that advertises the set-top box as “starting at $69.” Siri could allow users to interact with the Apple TV much like versions of the Xbox One, using voice commands to turn on other devices – like their TV or surround sound system.

Apple announced last year that the Apple TV would be central to its automated “smart home” platform, HomeKit. The inclusion of Siri in the new Apple TV potentially could allow consumers to make voice commands to turn off lights, change the temperature of a room and other functions, if they own compatible hardware.

Apple is launching a TV subscription bundle later this year, and will be the exclusive launch partner for HBO’s new streaming service, HBO Now.

Later this year, Apple's new TV subscription service is expected to launch -- and alongside its new set-top box, it looks like the company will have a pretty compelling offer ready for the living room in the months ahead.