Now that all of its launches for 2017 are done, Apple is working on its 2018 devices, according to a Bloomberg report Wednesday. The company is expected to follow its yearly cycle launching the iPad first, followed by the iPad Pro and then the iPhones in the fall.

Apple remains the sole industry player that is still developing tablet PCs and therefore, its affordable tablet is an important device for the segment. The company is not expected to endow the 2018 iPad with a long-awaited feature though — an iPhone X style super retina OLED display, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

But, the Apple iPad for 2018 is still expected to come loaded with features, which include:

FaceID: Apple is expected to endow the new iPad with the FaceID face recognition system. The feature, which is one of the leading features of the company’s 2017 flagship device, the iPhone X, is expected to be available on the 2018 iPad. The device is expected to ditch the TouchID fingerprint sensor for FaceID. The company was earlier expected to retain TouchID.

Smaller form factor: Since the device is no longer expected to have a TouchID fingerprint, the company is expected to eliminate the bottom bezel, thereby making the new iPad smaller than previous versions. This won't just make it easier to hold, but also provide users more surface area to work on, which is very important on tablets. Chances are that the company also slims down the tablet.

However, the lack of bezels on the large screen of the iPad could result in accidental taps. Apple is expected to endow the tablet with side-touch palm rejection, which will interpret the tabs as accidental or not, to resolve this issue.

7nm processor: According to MacRumors, Apple is working on creating a 7nm processor with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). The processor will be even more advanced than the current one on the iPhone X since it will offer 20 percent better battery density, 10 percent better speeds and consume 15 percent less power using the same surface area as the current one. The processor might be the Apple A11X, and is being made for the iPad. The processor is expected to be produced in volumes at the start of next year.

Dual cameras: Apple is expected to finally endow the iPad with dual cameras — a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens for taking better photos. While the front cam will be a TrueDepth camera since it is expected to be capable of FaceID, the rear camera setup will not lag far behind. What remains to be seen though, is whether the iPad gets iPhone 8’s horizontal dual camera setup or iPhone X’s vertical dual camera setup.

Augmented Reality (AR) compatibility: Apple announced its AR focus at the World Wide Developers Conference this year. The best device for debuting its evolved AR capabilities is expected to be the iPad, because of its larger screen area, since it will give developers a chance to create diverse AR applications.

The company is yet to comment on the 2018 iPad’s features.