• Apple recently announced iPadOS 14 for iPads
  • iPads still don't have a calculator and weather app despite the new OS version
  • Apple's Craig Federighi explained the reason for it in an interview

Apple recently announced iPadOS 14, which includes a slew of new and enhanced features meant to give users the best experience they can have on the devices running on it.

Despite the addition of a number of features and quality of life changes to iPadOS 14, however, fans are still left wondering why Apple continues to avoid putting default, in-house calculator and weather apps on the iPad. The iPhone has a calculator app, but the iPad doesn't. The iPad also lacks a weather app and continues to encourage users to get third-party apps instead. Why is that?

Thankfully, a video uploaded by YouTuber Marques Brownlee, known as MKBHD, has the answer to that.

In the video, Brownlee shared a rare interview with Apple exec Craig Federighi, known by many as one of the familiar faces in every WWDC, especially last week's. Federighi, who happens to be Cupertino's senior VP of software engineering, answered many of the questions that fans had in relation to the recently revealed operating system versions across the company's devices.

At the 14:30 mark, MKBHD raised one of the most controversial questions that have lingered in the minds of many iPad users now. He told Federighi that fans want to know why the iPad still doesn't have a calculator app and weather app of its own.

“You know, there's some things that we have not done because ... to do it, we would want to do something really distinctly great in that space,” Federighi said.

The SVP said it's “obvious” that it's easy to create a calculator app. He explained, however, that the company wants to create what it “feels” will make users say, “Wow, this is the greatest iPad calculator app.” He said Apple hasn't “gotten around to doing it great” yet, but said the company might be able to someday.

As for the weather app, Federighi said it will be easy for the company to just “scale up” its existing weather app and put it on the iPad. However, the company didn't do so because it wants to create what it can feel like a “great weather app” for iPad. But since the company hasn't created it yet, it also hasn't released one for the tablet.

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