Apple could be revamping its MacBook line next following the release of the new iPhones, as well as the upgraded Apple Watch and Apple TV devices. However, a new report is saying that fans and the general consumers shouldn’t expect for the Cupertino giant to release new MacBooks until the end of 2018. 

On Wednesday, Patently Apple learned from upstream supply chain sources that since Intel has rescheduled the launch of its next-generation Cannon Lake-based processors, Apple’s timetable for its new MacBooks has also been modified. The late 2018 release of the new Intel processors is said to definitely put a crimp in the plans of Tim Cook’s company for the MacBook series. 

The rescheduled release of the Cannon Lake processors is also said to have a negative effect on other vendors. Sources claim some manufacturers are already thinking of just skipping the 10nm processors and simply wait for its successor, called “Ice Lake,” instead. The reason for this is because Intel’s roadmap shows that Ice Lake processors will arrive shortly after the “late 2018–early 2019” timeline of the Cannon Lake CPUs.

The idea that some brands could be ditching Intel’s Cannon Lake processor is somehow understandable. The Cannon Lake processors were originally slated for release early this year. However, some technical issues and certain setbacks have forced Intel to revise the launch schedule for three times now. The first was the move from late 2017 to early 2018, the next one was the change to a mid-2018 release schedule. The third is the latest one that claims a late 2018 launch. 

Intel’s Cannon Lake CPUs are rumored to offer 25 percent improved performance and 45 percent less power consumption when compared to the 14nm Kaby Lake processors. What’s quite confusing is Intel has already showcased its Cannon Lake 10nm wafer yesterday, but it won’t be releasing the new processors on the market until around a year later. Nevertheless, there is still huge buzz surrounding the Cannon Lake CPUs because industry sources believe the 10nm processors can help rejuvenate the notebook market.

Intel first showcased its 10nm Cannon Lake processor early this year during its Technology and Manufacturing Day by showcasing a laptop that houses the next-generation CPU. On Tuesday, Intel grabbed the chance to once again build up the hype over its upcoming processor during a similar event in Beijing. According to Tom’s Hardware, the new 10nm processor was made as a result of an agreement between ARM and Intel’s Custom Foundry. More information about the new processor is expected to be announced at a later date. 

Meanwhile, there are still no other details about the specs and features of Apple’s upcoming MacBooks save for the fact that they will be debuting with Intel’s Cannon Lake processors. It’s safe to presume though that Apple could be eyeing a late 2018 release for its new laptops. While the delay may be disappointing to fans, it could prove beneficial especially when Apple takes advantage of the advanced technology the Cannon Lake CPUs possess. 

The news about the delay in the next-generation MacBooks’ release comes a week after Apple began selling 12-inch 2017 MacBooks with Kaby Lake processors in its refurbished store. Interestingly, Apple’s decision to start selling refurbished 12-inch MacBooks comes just a few months after the launch of the laptops in June of this year.