A new electric car from South Korea is the ultimate space saver. 

The amazing car, created by engineers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, folds itself completely in half when being parked -- convenient, indeed, for those annoyingly tight parking spots. 

The Armadillo-T's foldable body was inspired by the armadillo. The vehicle seats two adults and can reach 37 miles per hour, reports Popular Science. 

When folded up, the 992-pound prototype sizes down from an unfolded length of 110 inches to only 65 inches. To activate the car to fold up, the driver can use a smartphone. Once the Armadillo-T is folded, the driver can steer the vehicle remotely to fit into the desired parking spot. 

The car charges in 10 minutes and is can be driven about 62 miles on a full battery. Its four in-wheel motors are powered by one 13.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The Armadillo-T has cameras instead of side mirrors to decrease the threat of possible blind spots. 

According to the project's lead researcher In-Soo Suh, an associate professor at Graduate School for Green Transportation at KAIST, the Armadillo-T could be perfect for car-sharing in urban areas as well as for transport within large buildings and between close tourist locations, Popular Science reports.