The drama train pulled up to “The Bachelor” mansion Monday night. Chris Soules, a 33-year-old farmer from Iowa, joined the ABC reality show to meet his wife. By the end of episode 4 he narrowed his search down to 11 women – and the ladies finally started showing their true colors.

Every season of “The Bachelor” introduces at least one “villain.” This woman stirs up trouble with the other ladies while keeping a sweet and innocent appearance around the bachelor. Episode 4 potentially introduced not one, but two villains in Season 19.


Kelsey has kept a low profile since walking through “The Bachelor” mansion doors, but that all changed in episode 4. The 28-year-old guidance counselor from Austin, Texas, displayed some unattractive behavior while on the lake group date with Chris.

Things first turned sour when Kelsey expressed to the cameras how the lake water wasn’t up to her normal lake standards. She was also unhappy to be on a “date made for bimbos” and wanted to “stab a fork” in her eye.

Kelsey’s nightmare group date got extended when Chris revealed that they would all be camping overnight. It was while around the campfire that the girls caught onto her poor attitude and sulking. However, Chris didn’t get to see that side of Kelsey. The contestant flipped a switch when the bachelor was around and made sure she was smiling and laughing.

The other girls are now keeping an eye on Kelsey’s fake behavior, and the promo video for episode 5 teases that the drama might come to a head. The video shows her “stealing” time with Chris, something that doesn’t sit well with the others.

“Another conniving move by Kelsey,” one of the girls says in the teaser.


Britt has been a frontrunner on “The Bachelor” from the start, however in the past few weeks she started displaying some signs of jealousy. The 27-year-old waitress from Hollywood, California, pulled Chris aside during the episode 4 cocktail party to ask him about his relationship with Kaitlyn. Britt, who wasn’t on the same group date as Kaitlyn, confessed to Chris that she heard that the date consisted of a lot of nudity and sex talk. She added that everyone on the date complained when they returned and contemplated going home. Britt basically asked Chris why he was rewarding Kaitlyn’s behavior and what he sees in her. The bachelor couldn’t give an answer and told the cameras that he was shocked at Britt’s confrontation. Frustrated with the conversation, he addressed everybody before the rose ceremony.

“I’m here to find a wife,” he told the girls. “If any of you question that you’re more than welcome to go home if you don’t feel that I’m here for the right intentions.”

Most of the girls were confused by Chris’ announcement. But Britt realized she made a mistake. During the rose ceremony she was the final girl to receive a flower.

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