“The Bachelor” returned to ABC on Monday night, and the cat claws are already out! With 30 women competing for the love of one man, things are bound to get tense inside the mansion -- but the juiciest part of the Season 19 premiere happened during the live audience taping.

Fans who watched the premiere know that the new "Bachelor" star, Chris Soules, formed an immediate connection with Britt Nilsson, a 27-year-old waitress from Hollywood, California. The 2015 contestant was the first woman to step out of the first limo, and she gave an awkwardly long hug to the 33-year-old farmer before slipping him a note and heading inside. Viewers discovered that the note read: “Free hug from Britt.”

While some of the Season 19 cast members battled it out for some one-on-one time with Chris, Britt’s strategy to catch his interest worked. Chris sought her out during the cocktail party to ask her about the note and learn more about her. He later pulled her aside to give her the coveted first impression rose, a flower meant for the woman he definitely wants to keep around. Britt not only accepted the rose, but shared a passionate first kiss with Chris.

The ladies in the house appeared to be jealous of Britt, but fortunately for the contestant, she already seems to have the "Bachelor” nation fan base behind her. During the live premiere taping, in which an audience watched the first episode, host Chris Harrison polled the crowd and discovered that they not only liked Britt, but supported her night one kiss with Chris. The bad news for Britt is that nothing is that easy on the ABC reality dating show. Although viewers seemed to like her, Season 15 contestant Michelle Money, who was in the live audience, had a bizarre thing to blurt out to Harrison:

“I heard a rumor ... I heard she doesn’t shower.”

Harrison didn’t dwell on the “rumor,” but the comment caught the attention of “Bachelor” viewers. So, what did Michelle Money mean? And is it true?

Michelle immediately got backlash for being “mean” to Britt and took to Facebook and Twitter to clear the air:

“Ok guys so apparently you won’t find out what I’m talking about til next week or something! Not trying to be mean. It’s actually really funny just wait and see! Love you @ChrisBHarrison and thanks for the fun night!!!!!”

Michelle wasn’t the only one to comment on the rumor. Britt posted a message for “Bachelor” viewers on Twitter and Instagram:

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