Season 19 of “The Bachelor” is only three weeks in but it’s already been one wild ride. From “crazy” Ashley S.’ shenanigans, to Chris Soules locking lips with almost every contestant that he gets alone time with, this season is off to a very entertaining start. But there is one thing that fans can’t stop talking about – the black censor bar that follows cast member Jillian Anderson.

Jillian, 25, is a news producer from Washington, D.C. Like every other contestant, the brunette beauty is frequently filmed in her bikini. But there is one thing that sets her apart from the others – a black on-screen bar that covers her bottom.

A black bar is customary for censoring something inappropriate. But the catch here is that Jillian is always wearing some sort of bikini bottom or shorts. While live tweeting during episode 3 of “The Bachelor,” the contestant expressed confusion over the censorship.

“I would clear a fence for @JimmyKimmel any day,” she tweeted. “#TheBachelor #WhyWasMyBootyCensored.”

Jillian’s tweet referred to the episode 3 challenge that required her to enter a pen and catch a greased pig. When contestant Carly failed to open the pen, Jillian simply used her muscles to hoist herself up and over. A black bar was added to her bottom when she made the jump.

Although confused, the contestant has been laughing along with the "Bachelor” fan base. Besides retweeting comments about her black bar companion, Jillian also shared the mock Twitter accounts that popped up.

“BLACK BOX the best accessory a girl can have!!!” she tweeted Monday night. “Purses, shoes and jewelry are overrated …”

Jillian’s not the only one commenting on the censorship. Chris Soules also chimed in on his People magazine “Bachelor Blog,” writing that Jillian was “once again” wearing “shorts so short” that “someone over at ABC had to throw up the black bar on her.”

“Hey, whose job is that anyway?” Chris added. “Is there a guy who just literally sits in a room, watching the show and deciding when to throw a black bar on something? If so, I want to meet him! All I know is that with all the black bars on Jillian these past couple of weeks, that guy has probably put in some overtime!”