In honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 96th birthday and her Platinum Jubilee celebration, Barbie is releasing a new doll inspired by the monarch, who has served as queen for 70 years.

“The queen is the perfect addition to the barbie Tribute Collection, intended to honor women whose contributions have had a great impact,” Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s EVP and Global Head of Barbie and dolls, said in a statement to USA Today. “We’re proud to celebrate her historic milestone and encourage kids to learn more about her legacy.”

The doll features one of the queen’s most iconic looks, featuring an “elegant ivory gown and blue riband with decorations of order attached,” according to a description of the doll on the Mattel website. It also comes with a crown, matching accessories and premium packaging, making it ideal for collectors, as it cannot stand alone.

The doll was created by Senior Director of Barbie Design, Robert Best, who explained in a blog post on Wednesday that “The gown is not a copy of any one dress she wears, but rather a gown inspired by the style and color of gown that she’s favored in royal portraits of herself for the past several years.”

In a statement from Mattel (obtained by USA Today), Kate Williams, a historian and the author of “Our Queen Elizabeth,” stated the honor is extra special for the queen because she stepped into her prolific role during a time when women were also not encouraged to work, let alone lead a country.

“In 1952, when she came to the throne, women were not encouraged to work and politicians expressed doubts about a young female monarch—but she showed them wrong, proves herself an adept leader and diplomat,” she said. “As her Majesty celebrates this milestone jubilee it is wonderful to see an iconic brand like Barbie share important historical female figures impact as leaders, creators and pioneers to new generations.”

The doll, which retails for $75.00, is expected to be sold in Walmart and Target stores, as well as on Amazon.