"Arkham Knight" will launch this October. Courtesy/Rocksteady

Robin, Damian Wayne and Superman may be coming to Rocksteady’s upcoming “Batman: Arkham Knight,” if we’re to believe the action adventure title’s IMDB page.

Though rumors are often just rumors, it’s hard to ignore those listed on the entertainment resource site, which also refers to the voice actor who will portray each character.

A few of the confirmed villains that we were already aware of are Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and The Penguin.

Currently, rumored appearances include Superman, Calendar Man, Damian Wayne, Azrael and Harvey Bullock.

It's interesting that Damian Wayne may play a role in the game. In early April, a possible plot reveal may have been leaked for “Arkham Knight” via Twitter. Retail store Best Buy created a post on March 30 about the upcoming action-adventure game, saying, “Masked as Bruce Wayne’s son, drive the Batmobile & defend the city from notorious villains.” The tweet has since been deleted, but it remained viewable until April 3. Of course, the tweet could have been posted in error. Perhaps the writer meant Thomas Wayne’s son, which would be Bruce Wayne. If not, this could mean users will be playing Damian Wayne, the fictional son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Batman’s villain Ra’s al Ghul. Both plots are possible and would coincide with the “Father to Son” trailer, which launched March 4.

We’re not sure what role Superman would play in the film, but it may have something to do with the 2016 “Batman Vs. Superman” title, which will have Ben Affleck, 41, play Batman and Henry Cavill, 31, play the Man of Steel.

Last week, rumors that the game would be delayed until 2015 were proven untrue, after some WonderCon attendees in Anaheim, California misheard a group of DC editors telling the audience the game’s release date would be pushed back to next year. Instead, the panelists told the crowd a new “Injustice” game was heading to consoles in 2015.

"Arkham Knight" will be a single-player game and the fourth installment in the series. It is set to be the final chapter in the “Arkham” games.

Kevin Conroy, 58, will return as the voice of Batman. Conroy also portrayed the Dark Knight in “Batman: Arkham Asylum” and “Batman: Arkham City.”

“It will fit just about in an Xbox 360 if [that was the whole] game. It’s very next-gen,” said art director David Hego in last month’s issue of GameInformer. "Arkham Knight" will be available on the PC, Xbox One and PS4, but not on the Xbox 360 or PS3.

"The real challenge is making sure you're getting the best out of the machines. It's easy to get the game running, but it's about, 'What can we do that really pushes those machines?'" Hill said. "Obviously, you see a lot of games that are cross-gen, and they feel la bit reined in because of that. Because we were able to make that decision quite early, we were able to be more ambitious with the design and make a real, genuine next-gen game."

This is the first game in the series that will allow users to drive the Batmobile, an experience that will undoubtedly be pretty awesome. In the game, the Batmobile will be nearly invincible -- it will be have the ability to perform burnouts, jumps and boosts -- while simultaneously being bulletproof.

“Basically … nothing stops the Batmobile. It’s pretty much an unstoppable force,” said Hill. “When you think Batman, you do think Batmobile. It’s the one key thing that we’ve really felt that we always wanted to do.” Like the angst-ridden hero, you'll be able to call the Batmobile by pressing a button. You can also eject yourself from the vehicle at high-speed.