• "Battlefield 6" is currently in development
  • the upcoming title will reportedly include a single-player mode playable in co-op 
  • The campaign's plot reportedly centers on World War and AI/Drones/Mass Surveillance

"Battlefield 6" fans might finally get their first look at the next "Battlefield" title a few weeks from now if the latest information about the game is to be believed.

'Battlefield 6' Official Announcement

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb shared in a live streaming a few days ago that EA is preparing to announce the new "Battlefield" title before June 2021. When asked by a fan about the much-awaited title's reveal date, the video game journalist answered, "probably May." According to Grubb, "things are still fluid, they haven't announced anything publicly yet, but my understanding is that they're [EA] probably looking at May."

Grubb believes that "Battlefield 6" should be revealed before the E3 2021 window, which happens in June based on its previous schedule. The insider, however, clarified, "That's not a guarantee or anything," but reiterated that it's "probably May." Grubb's prediction aligns with EA's earlier confirmation that "Battlefield 6" would launch in "the Spring."

Battlefield V
Battlefield V will be released on Oct. 19. Electronic Arts

Release Date, Content Details

A recent report from Glitched revealed that a post from 4chan, reportedly from an EA Vancouver developer, detailed the features fans can expect from "Battlefield 6." The report claimed that EA is targetting to launch the game this Holiday season. In terms of game modes, the upcoming title will reportedly include a single-player mode playable in co-op.

Apparently, "Battlefield 6" is designed for two players so "users can either play it with a friend or an AI companion." The report also revealed that the campaign's plot centers on "World War and AI/Drones/Mass Surveillance." The game's multiplayer mode will also see some changes, including no vehicle spawning and destruction no longer include being able to blow things up.

"Battlefield 6" will reportedly include a battle royale in its main game at launch. Aside from those, the upcoming title has been apparently "downported" from Xbox Series X and PS5 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Cross-play would be available too, but only across Xbox Series XIS and PS5 systems.

It is worth noting that while these details are interesting, they are not official. "Battlefield 6" fans should temper their expectations and take this information with a pinch of salt.