Diane Cashin, with 30 years of experience in business, reflects on her own triumphs and what now holds women back in their careers. IBT

Working your way up the corporate ladder is often tough and riddled with obstacles and challenges. But according to Diane Cashin being a woman shouldn’t be one of them.

The role of women in society has evolved: We can be mothers, wives and successful in our chosen careers. But how do you have it all?

Diane Cashin, an author, CEO and business strategist, sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss the key ingredients for having it all. The first step: asking yourself what it is you truly want.

Cashin discusses the role of women today and reveals her 10 steps to success. What we wanted to know was how big of a role our gender plays in the work place and if Cashin herself had any career regrets.

Find out what it is you need to know so next time you get that job or secure the promotion you deserve.