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No, the HTC Flyer tablet isn't on sale for $99 like HP's TouchPad was. It was just a brief mistake by Best Buy, the electronics retail chain with an online store.

The HTC Flyer has been reduced to $299 after originally being priced at $499. But Best Buy mistakenly, via an SKU error, promoted online that the HTC Flyer tablet that runs on the 2.3 Gingerbread system with WiFi was available for $99.99.


When buyers searched online for tablet deals Wednesday, many were directed to Best Buy -- and they expected to get the HTC Flyer tablet for $99.99. Apparently some did, before the mistake was corrected, but some did not.

One buyer wrote in an online response at Slashgear that they made an online purchase through Best Buy for an HTC flyer at the listed $99.99 price and got an email response that it was ready for pickup at the store. The buyer said 10 minues later, however, they got a notification saying the purchased would not be honored.

Another user, however, said some Best Buy stores honored the mistake.

I picked one up for $99, wrote Jeff Schempp. It can happen.

Best Buy has said, however, that the $99.99 HTC Flyer listing was a mistake. The price is $299 for the HTC Flyer from Best Buy via the company's online store Thursday.

The HTC Flyer tablet with 16GB internal memory and a 7-inch screen is currently backordered at Best Buy's online store, with delivery usually in 1-2 weeks the Web site says -- presumably because so many customers bought stock at $99.99 before the mistake was corrected.

The company's Web site says the HTC Flyer is availabe at most stores for pickup.