Ah, Valentine’s Day — the holiday of love. It’s a day both single women and taken men dread! Sure, you can get flowers, chocolate and a card (everyone knows that), but what kind?

Chances are she’s going to like whatever you got her, as long as some of effort was put into it, but here’s a foolproof list of Pinterest-inspired ideas that are sure to make your lover swoon!

1. Massage

This is one of the best presents a gal can get-- either give her a massage yourself, or if you don’t have the magical touch, a spa gift certificate works just as well.

2. Jewelry

Not sure what to get? Here are a few options: diamond stud earrings, heart shaped necklace or this cool gold leather bracelet below. It’s from Etsy and only $14.49. Just a little inside girl advice, don’t give her a ring unless it’s an engagement ring — she’ll just feel let down.

3. Liquor

No one can go wrong with alcohol. Pink champagne is really romantic, but a nice bottle of Pinot Noir or Ketel One vodka will work just as well. Just an extra hint: Anything Bethenny Frankel’s from Skinnygirl Cocktail line will be a grand slam.

4. Chocolate

What girl doesn’t love chocolate? See’s Candies has some of the best, with their Traditional Red Heart with Dark Chocolates being one of their best Valentine’s Day selections.

5. NKOTB/Boys II Men/98 Degrees tour

New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Boys II Men and 98 Degrees — your main squeeze undoubtedly loves one of these bands or did 15 years ago. These 1990s sensations have banded together to reignite a love affair with their old fans. Chances are you don’t want go, but I’m sure her best friend will. Two tickets from Ticketmaster will definitely impress her.

6. Organic Pink Rose Bath Salts

Everyone loves a good, warm bath, and rose bath salts will intensify the experience. Hint: This should probably be used in conjunction with another present.

7. 2013 Valentine’s Day Coach Bag

This is really simple: it’s Coach and Valentine’s Day put together — she’ll love it.

8. Passionate Valentine

It seems actual Valentines have been replaced with generic Hallmark cards. Actually ask her to be your Valentine this year with a card.

9. Love Poem

Nothing is better than a sappy poem. But in case you aren’t gifted in verse like Shakespeare, buying her a book of love poems will surely do the trick.

10. Perfume

According to Greek mythology, each god possessed his or her own scent—so why not give your goddess a scent of her own? Victoria’s Secret has some amazing scents, and you can pick the one you like best for her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!