• People are advised to observe social distancing amid the COVID-19 problem
  • People, however, can still communicate with others via other means
  • Here's a list of safe and effective video-calling apps

The current coronavirus problem has caused everyone to stay inside their homes and avoid mingling with others, especially in larger crowds. The order to observe “social distancing” has caused people from different places to stay away from each other.

Social distancing, however, doesn't mean people should stop communicating with each other. There are many ways to keep talking to each other – texting, calling on phones, messaging using messaging apps, and more. And for those who want to see each other, whether friends or colleagues, from far away, there's the option to use video calling apps.

Here's a list of the best video calling apps that just about anybody can use to connect with each other while being socially responsible amid the coronavirus chaos. Those who use these won't even have to worry about being Zoom-bombed.


Skype allows people to conduct one-on-one video calls as well as group HD video calling. The app allows users to record video conversations, share whatever is displayed on their respective screens, and more. The app also works on a variety of platforms, even the Xbox. Sometimes, however, Skype has some problems resulting in poor call quality, as well as buggy service.


FaceTime is a video chat service built into Apple's devices, particularly the iPhone. It's a simple and straightforward app that allows group calls for up to 64 people. The calls are secure and end-to-end encrypted. Sadly, this is only available for those who have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, which means Windows PC and Android handset users won't be able to join in on calls.

Google Duo

Google Duo is Google's answer to Apple's FaceTime. This video calling app comes pre-loaded on many Android devices and works well even in low-bandwidth and slow internet connections. While the app is a bit more complicated compared to FaceTime, it does offer a wide assortment of features and can work on both Android and iOS phones.


Those who love to barge in and join conversations without warning will love Houseparty. This app allows users to join any existing conversation or open “room” at any time, iPhoneHacks reported. It also allows call participants to play games together. The app works on iOS, Android, and macOS devices. It can also be added to the Chrome browser as an extension.