Buzzfeed posted a series of images mocking Biden's "old man" image in preparation of the Vice Presidential debate. Buzzfeed/Reuters

The vice presidential debate is under way, and Joe Biden and Raul Ryan are duking it out with gusto. On the Internet, however, users are taking hilarious potshots at both of them. Read on for some of the best memes, jokes, and tweets about the vice presidential debate.

Buzzfeed posted a pretty amazing gallery of images depicting Biden as a somewhat senile old man, obsessed with low-brow media and classic rock. The images came with captions juxtaposing the serious topics at hands with the imagined ramblings of Biden.

“People think I love trains,” one reads. “Wrong. I love hobos. And hobos love trains. I call it the transitive property of hobos.”

Another caption reads, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I was from Miami? Then the press could call me Miami Vice. Ah dreams…”

However, Buzzfeed has been an equal-opportunity mocker throughout the debates. While the site poked fun at Biden’s “senile old man” image in the media, they also mocked Ryan’s fitness geek persona as well.

The site posted several pictures of a just-released photoshoot of Ryan pumping iron and preparing for a run with ridiculous captions like “When Mitt needed the big guns, he called me,” and “Cut fat, not the military.” The post also came with instructions for “Paul Ryan’s ultimate workout tips.”

Buzzfeed also posted several photoshopped versions of the pictures with Ryan working out in front of increasingly ridiculous backgrounds, including a winter wonderland and the cast of “Saved by the Bell.” Buzzfeed also encouraged readers to make their own versions of the parody Paul Ryan workout pictures, with readers posting their favorite creations in the comments.

The vice presidential debate is also producing some choice tweets from users across the Web. With “#VPDebate,” “Congressman Ryan,” “#malarkey” and others trending across Twitter, the entire Internet seems to be focused on the debate.

Carson Cistulli gets to the real important part of the debates, writing, “Whether Joe Biden wins the present debate or not, he is CERTAIN to win the shirtless, no-holds-barred bareknuckled fight afterward.”

Biden’s “malarkey” comment also led to plenty of clever comments on Twitter as well. Comedian Patton Oswalt, for instance, tweeted "Malarkey was my favorite Mutant Ninja Turtle, by the way.”

Another Twitter user, Summer Anne Burton, editor for Buzzfeed, wrote “BRB getting a malarkey tattoo.”

Bill Maher joined in the political frey as well, writing, "Hello 9 1 1? There s an old man beating a child on my tv."

Even serious journalists have been getting in on the Twitter fun. CNN anchor Don Lemon tweeted, “Gotta love #JoeBiden's facial expressions. Should I do a mashup on #CNN this weekend? #VPDebate.”