American intelligence officials in Pakistan have revealed that, apart from the three hostile widows of Bin Laden, some of his daughters were also among those quizzed by US officials in Pakistan under the watchful eyes of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Although they were interviewed as a group, only Khariraih Sabar, who is believed to be Laden's third wife and the eldest of them all, spoke up.

There is still no clarity on the exact number of survivors of the raid but sources suggest that there were around 16 people who included a dozen children, aged from two to twelve in addition to the three wives who were taken into custody. The children found at the compound mainly comprised of the Al Qaeda Chief's children and grandchildren. Among them was a twelve year old daughter of Bin Laden who was a witness to her father's killing.

While admitting to the fact that they could not make much inroads after the questioning, US intelligence officials hinted that the exercise will continue. One of the US officials were quoted as saying that they were not very surprised at the women displaying a hostile attitude towards them, given their close relation with Laden.

Days before, Omar Bin Laden, the adult son of Bin Laden, had expressed his anger on the manner in which the assault operation was carried out. He questioned the need to kill an unarmed Bin Laden instead of capturing him alive and trying him in a court of law. Omar even suggested that it is a blatant violation of international law since Bin Laden was denied a fair trial like in the case of Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic, former Iraqi and Serbian leaders respectively.

He strongly condemned the shooting of one of Bin Laden's wives who was present on the location with him. In a statement provided to the times, it was said: ''As he condemned our father, we now condemn the President of the United States for ordering the execution of unarmed men and women.''

President Obama, however, had a different opinion. He vehemently rejected the suggestion by saying that anyone who questioned whether Bin Laden deserved his fate must have their head examined. The Obama administration officials had retorted earlier by citing the principle of national self-defense in international law.