Microsoft's new Bing search portal is the fastest-growing U.S. search engine among the top 10, according to a Nielsen report released Monday.

Although Google remained in the top spot with a commanding 64.6 percent share, Microsoft's Bing had a total of 1.1 billion searches in August, a leap of 22.1 percent over July. Bing now holds a 10.7 percent share of the search engine market.

Google had 7 billion searches in August, a gain of 2.6 percent over July. Meanwhile, Yahoo saw its search results drop 4.2 percent for the month to 1.7 billion, earning it 16 percent of the market.

Also reaching the top 10 list was AOL Search in fourth place with 333 million searches and Search in fifth with 186 million searches.

Other reports also show similar progress for Bing. An August report from ComScore discovered that Microsoft's share of the global search engine market lept 41 percent from July 2008 to July 2009.