Will you brave the Black Friday crowds to score some video game deals? Courtesy/Business Insider

Black Friday, arguably the most popular shopping day of the year, has arrived, and this year’s post-Thanksgiving day of frenzied shopping comes at an especially crucial time in the gaming world -- only one week after the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One and two weeks after the launch of Sony’s Playstation 4.

Both systems are still somewhat difficult to find, especially in urban areas, where some major chains are promising that both next-gen consoles will be in stock -- but only while supplies last.

Walmart is offering both systems at their suggested retail prices. The Xbox One will set buyers back $499 and the PS4 $399. The store is also selling the Xbox 360 for the reasonable price of $99 -- and the PS3 for $149.

Turtle Beach gaming headsets are also sold at the superstore chain for $39.96.

Retailer GameStop, which will open its stores at midnight on Friday, announced that both consoles will be stocked equally at its stores. Like Walmart, neither gaming system is offered at a discounted price. The same goes for games. Popular next-gen titles will set you back the typical full price of $60, even though PS3 and Xbox 360 games will be available at discounted prices on websites like Amazon and

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