BlazBlue Cast
The cast of "BlazBlue" could be forming teams in 2016.

Arc System Works’ “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” is about to receive its Season 2 update on consoles this week. Four new characters and many character adjustments will be added in this update. Here’s what we know about this new patch.

According to the official Arc System Works announcement, the Season 2 patch for consoles will arrive on Tuesday, May 21, in Japan. Meanwhile, it will still be arrivig in America this Monday, May 20. Players who have already purchased all the DLCs will receive the new characters, namely: Teddie, Seth, Naoto and Heart, for free.

The Season 2 patch will introduce the new characters and bring character adjustments and a whole system overhaul for the gameplay. So far, the new patch is already available in Japan on its Arcade machines. Many players are already looking on Japanese matches to know how the new characters perform.

Based on leaked information, the new DLC characters have no problem when it comes to dealing damage. While Seth and Teddie need to spend special meter to deal big damage by themselves, the other two new characters are strong characters. Even when alone, the new Naoto can deal heavy damage with complicated combo attacks. Meanwhile, Heart is blessed with tools that allow her to dominate her foes regardless of the enemy’s advantages.

On the other hand, Gordeau, known for his overall dominant presence due to his immensely wide attacks, has been adjusted to have less range. While many players still regard him to be a viable character after the patch, his previous advantages have been reduced. The changes have forced some other players to pick a different character than him. Many characters, including Nine, Akihiko and Chie, have skyrocketed to immense viability due to the changes made.

It’s not clear if the console Season 2 patch will be exactly the same as the Arcade version, or if it is going to introduce other adjustments alongside the new changes. For now, many players are vigilant after seeing some potentially strong moves that could be adjusted just to make sense for some players.