U2 front man Bono has suggested that movie company success in fighting piracy could help the U.S. economically.

“Perhaps movie moguls will succeed where musicians and their moguls have failed so far, and rally America to defend the most creative economy in the world, where music, film, TV and video games help to account for nearly 4 percent of gross domestic product,” Bono wrote in an article about predictions for 2010 which was published in the New York Times late last week.

Bono also said that tracking content “is perfectly possible,” citing “noble” anti-pornography tracking in the U.S and “ignoble” efforts by China to suppress online dissent.

He said that music file-sharing and swiping has harmed young artists who don’t benefit from ticket and t-shirt sales. The only thing that has protected the movie and TV industries from piracy until now has been large file sizes, he said, adding that such limitations would disappear soon.