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Bose products are set to return to Apple Store shelves after a long hiatus. Reuters

After a long hiatus from Apple’s retail shelves and Web pages, Bose products may return to the Apple Store. The Framingham, Massachusetts, speaker and headphone manufacturer’s products were spotted on an Apple Store inventory list obtained by 9to5Mac on Tuesday.

The Bose products that may return to the Apple Store include the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth and mini Bluetooth speakers. They will be sold alongside Apple’s own Beats headphones and speaker products. Bose's lineup has been missing from Apple Store shelves since October amid a patent infringement case filed against Beats Electronics in July.

Bose claimed in the suit Beats Electronics’ Studio and Studio Wireless headphones infringed on patents related to “Adaptive Noise Cancellation” features found on its QuietComfort headphones. The company had also asked the U.S. International Trade Commission to block imports of the alleged infringing headphones. Shortly following the removal of Bose’s products from Apple’s retail and online stores, Bose and Beats Electronics settled the matter out of court.

Despite the settlement, Apple kept Bose products off its store shelves for nearly two months.

Beats and Bose have been at odds with each other this year in other venues, including NFL stadiums. After Bose signed a sponsorship deal with the league, players such as San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick were hit with $10,000 fines for failing to cover up the logos of the headphones. Kaepernick along with a number of other athletes have endorsement deals with Beats Electronics.

Apple acquired Dr. Dre’s and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats Electronics for the sum of $3 billion, a deal that European regulators approved earlier this year.