Employees at Apple Stores, seen in a Reuters file photo, will be chucking Bose products starting next week, according to a MacRumors report. Reuters

Apple Inc. will remove all Bose products from its retail stores starting “early next week,” according to a report Friday from MacRumors. The company plans to inform store employees in the next few days about the change, the site said.

Bose filed a lawsuit against Beats in July over the latter’s use of noise-cancelation technology in its headphones, which Bose alleges infringes on a number of its patents. Apple completed its $3 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics in August, including the company’s headphone division and its streaming music service. Bose is a privately held corporation based in Massachusetts.

Update (4:44 p.m.): Bose has settled its patent infringment case against Apple's Beats Electronics. The agreement puts some doubt on MacRumors' report.

Bose issued a statement in July about its lawsuit against Beats, saying that for the past 30 years, it “has made significant investments in the research, development, engineering and design of the proprietary technologies found in our headphones. Bose's patented technologies enable the exclusive performance found in our QuietComfort® Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones. We are committed to protecting our investment, protecting our customers, and defending the patents we own.”

Bose products have appeared in Apple stores for several years, alongside the company's own products and headphones from other brands like Bowers & Wilkins. Neither Apple nor Bose returned a request for comment.