• Roy Jones Jr.'s trainer says he is ready to fight again, possibly against Mike Tyson or Anderson Silva
  • Evander Holyfield could push Jones against Silva instead
  • Jones likely received the go-signal from his family to continue boxing

Roy Jones Jr. has kept mum since his clash with Mike Tyson, but he mentioned he would consult his family regarding another fight. It appears that the answer to that has been revealed by his trainer, Tom Yankello.

Yankello said that Jones is open to fighting again. At this stage, he has two choices – a rematch with Tyson or a bout with mixed martial arts star Anderson Silva. Yankello revealed that the 51-year-old is interested in both.

"I think that rematch and Anderson Silva are the two fights that he's looking at. Anderson Silva would be the first choice for him as he feels like he could really do what he wants with him and it would be worth his while," he said.

For those who may not know, a fight between Jones and Silva has been in the air for years now. But considering “The Spider” was under contract during that period, a fantasy fight between the two never happened. All that change earlier this year when the 45-year-old fighter was released by the UFC.

"He's been talking about fighting Anderson Silva for a long time and now he's not in the UFC they can make that happen. If that fight was presented he'd fight again. I know he'd do the Tyson fight, he said that right after, we've talked about it. He'd definitely contemplate it anyway, in my opinion, I think he'd do it from our conversations. I could use the word 'might’,” Yankello said.

However, there appears to be a condition that is in place. A Jones vs. Silva fight would only push through if there was enough public interest to see it happen, according to Yankello.

The main thing here is that Silva is interested in fighting again. A rematch with Tyson holds 50-50 chances, although Iron Mike did say after their draw that he wanted to see Jones fight again. The only problem with that is the 54-year-old Brooklyn native did not say if it would be against him or someone else.

Also, there is Evander Holyfield standing in the way. "The Real Deal" said that he wants Tyson and the two camps are in discussions. With due respect to Jones, a Tyson vs. Holyfield III would be more appealing.

If that gets sealed, Jones may be better off facing Silva instead. But then again, that still depends on whether or not the fans want to see it happen.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.
Roy Jones Jr. reacts after receiving a split draw against Mike Tyson during Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. presented by Triller at Staples Center. Getty Images | Joe Scarnici