foursquare map
Check-in app Foursquare launched an interactive map that lets viewers see the "most unique" dish in each U.S. state. Foursquare

Foursquare has been building a food database for years now, by aggregating diner's check-ins and tips at restaurants. Now, the company has shared what it's learned to consumers with a food map that lets you find unique flavors of each U.S. state.

Foursquare's data science team analyzed menus, tips and ratings from the company's app. Then, the New York-based company took some editorial judgment to pick which one was the "most special and unique," the site reads. Here's some of our favorites:

  • California: Chinese Chicken Salad
  • Las Vegas: Bottle Service
  • Texas: Breakfast Tacos
  • New York: Avocado Toast
  • Massachusetts: Lobster

By clicking on each state in the map, viewers can see how that state's affinity with the food compares to the national average. For example, Wisconsin's Foursquare users crave fried fish 641 percent more than any other state. The map also lists the top 50 places in each state for that food.

This interactive is the latest move by Foursquare to win back a falling userbase. The company launched in 2009 as a standalone check-in app and was an instant sensation. But in an effort to evolve, Foursquare has since undergone changes by splitting in two apps. One, for check-ins. Another, for restaurant recommendations. Earlier this month, Foursquare announced an update that brings back old features, including mayorships and stickers.

Competitor Yelp, the publicly-traded crowdsourced restaurant recommendation site and app, has long created maps such as these to show off its data. In fact, Yelp teamed up with The Huffington Post in January 2015 to create a similar map that shows disproportionately popular cuisine in each state.