Rock star Bryan Adams exhorted the world's musicians to organize a concert for Japan, which is reeling from the worst disaster in recent history.

Calling all the great musicians and singers in the world, we should do a concert for Japan, Adams tweeted, even as panic gripped the people in northern Japan as more information on the unfolding nuclear crisis became public.

The Japanese government admitted that the radiation threat emanating from the nuclear reactors busted up in the quake last week was a public hazard.

More international carriers canceled their flights to Japan and the Asian markets continued to reel from the shock of the disaster, with Nikkei dropping as much as 14 percent at one point on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a Nomura economist told BBC on Tuesday that last week's catastrophe was probably bigger than the 1995 Kobe earthquake. Japan is bracing for the extreme ramifications of the natural disaster and the Bank of Japan announced on Monday a multi-million dollar asset purchase program to infuse the economy with more liquidity.

Reports said some 50 workers were risking their lives to stabilize the situation at the Fukushima Power Plant even as Japanese across the country espoused extreme frugality in terms of electricity consumption after the government sent out a request to minimize power usage.