Burger King is expanding its fledgling delivery service.

The popular fast-food chain is adding Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles to its growing list of cities that provide delivery services, according to a Tuesday press release. The Miami, Fla.-based company started delivering to Washington, D.C., customers last year, and it subsequently expanded the service to Miami, Houston and New York.

"BK Delivers is already performing well in New York, Miami, Houston and greater Washington, D.C. As its popularity has grown, we have seen an increasing demand for the program in other markets," Alex Macedo, president of North America, Burger King Worldwide, Inc., said.

"Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago have some of our most loyal guests, and the Burger King brand is excited to offer them the opportunity to enjoy the food they love, delivered to them in the comfort of their home, dorm or office."

The expansion of Burger King’s delivery service is the chain’s latest attempt to compete with competitors McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s. Each of those chains recently implemented new menu items and advertising strategies, the Associated Press reported.

Despite Burger King’s new delivery services, Wendy’s shows no sign of playing copycat. Spokesman Denny Lynch told the AP that Wendy’s does not offer delivery in the U.S., although certain individual franchises may do so.

While Burger King’s new strategy could pay dividends in the near future, delivery services are not yet implemented on a large scale. Approximately 20 restaurants are slated to offer delivery service in the Chicago and Los Angeles area, and 15 plan to deliver in the San Francisco area. The participants represent only a small fraction of Burger King’s 7,000 North American restaurants.

While the company has yet to address whether delivery services have led to an increase in sales, it does plan to expand the service elsewhere based on demand.

Burger King customers are able to place orders by phone at 855-ORDER-BK (855-673-3725) or online at BKDelivers.com between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. Each order must cost at least $10.

BKDelivers.com has more information about Burger King's delivery services.