History is evidence that even the slightest possibility of the existence of alien life gets humans excited. We all want to know if we are the only living, breathing species in the universe, but owing to the lack of supporting scientific evidence the question remains unanswered.

Every now and then a conspiracy theory crops up, spurring different ideas about how alien life could be lurking around our world, hiding in plain sight. Many people have even reported alien sightings in the past.

Now, multiple reports claimed an Ohio-based organization named Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health conducted a lie detector test with a “top-secret technology,” which happened to suggest four NASA astronauts — Buzz Aldrin, Al Worden and late spacefarers Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper — were convinced they saw aliens in the past. 

The story, first shared by Daily Star, suggested the institute analyzed voice recordings in which the astronauts detailed their encounters and found they all passed.

But, there are few things to take into consideration here. First, the details of the test are shady since there is no published version of the study to delve into. Second, just because some unverified source claims they cleared the test, doesn’t mean it can be taken as an evidence of alien life. 

In the past, Worden, Mitchell, and Cooper have spoken about alien encounters, ScienceAlert reported, but Aldrin, who was part of the 1969 Apollo 11 Mission, has debunked widespread alien theories on multiple occasions. 

Yes, Aldrin and his crewmembers saw a mysterious L-shaped object when they were on their way to the moon during the mission. The light from the object appeared like it was emitted by a UFO, but they soon figured it was just reflection from a panel that separated from their lander. 

Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong took this iconic photo of Buzz Aldrin on the moon during the Apollo 11 extravehicular activity. Photo: NASA

The astronaut cleared the air regarding the sighting way back in 2014 during a Reddit AMA session.

Speaking about the incident, Aldrin said: “There were many explanations of what that could be, other than another spacecraft from another country or another world – it was either the rocket we had separated from or the 4 panels that moved away when we extracted the lander from the rocket.”

NASA determined the rocket was 6,000 nautical miles away, which convinced Aldrin this was one of the panels in question.

“So in the close vicinity, moving away, were 4 panels. And I feel absolutely convinced that we were looking at the sun reflected off of one of these panels."

Stressing on the “alien” aspect of the observation, he added this is something extraordinary and would require remarkable evidence too.

Speaking of the latest test, Aldrin's representative told the Pedestrian “This is bogus and we don’t know where it came from.”

It would suffice to say the astronaut did see not an alien UFO, which leaves the mystery of alien life still unsolved. Scientists at SETI and other research institutes are already working to find some scientifically viable, with many believing we'll get to it before the end of this century.