A Fairphone with a modular design set to outrun the iPhone is now on its way.

As Fairphone approaches launching date, it carries along with the aim to stand to make a difference in the mobile industry. The Dutch-based company that develops cellphones using fair trade and working conditions plans to launch their latest phone along with the desire for smartphone market invasion.

Release Date and Price

Fairphone, just had its pre-sale in Europe before it officially launches. The phone with a modular design will be available for shipment beginning September 3 at a retail price of €450.

Special Features

Fairphone promises a trailblazing technology with a modular headset design. It comes with the assurance of being a real sustainable alternative on the market.

What makes Fairphone more interesting is its user-friendly hardware that promotes the easy-self repair feature. Repair parts can even be purchased online on their website making it really easy for users to do the maintenance themselves. Fairphone is powered by Android 9 Pie processor.

Compared to iPhone and Galaxy

Compared to other phones, Fairphone’s sustainability and easy self-repair characteristics give it a fair advantage over the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy that goes at an average replacement every two years.

Since the repairs and maintenance can be done by the users alone, repair parts are immediately attended to without waiting for the whole device to need for a thorough repair.

Ecological and Worker Friendly

Fairphone, continuous its effort to be ecological and worker-friendly. Unlike the iPhone and Samsung, this device is developed to be a real sustainable alternative in the mobile market.

In 2013, the company launched its Fairphone made out of 80 percent recyclable materials. This remains to be the company’s goal according to Bas van Abel, company founder, and former Chief Executive Officer.

Fairphone also desires to have a healthy working environment among the people behind its operation. Eva Gouwens, Fairphone current CEO shared that they envision an economy where consideration for people and planet is a reality.

Arima, a Taiwanese manufacturer is a name behind the Fairphone assembly. Arima himself is a recipient of a high employee satisfaction rate. He had a testimony of paying bonuses to employees so that minimum and living wage earners are on the same page.