• Capcom will be announcing updates regarding its latest games during E3 2021
  • There will not be any new games or IPs in its showcase
  • The Capcom showcase at E3 2021 will take place on Monday

Capcom has released its official lineup of games for its E3 2021 showcase this Monday. This is good news for fans who are excited about Capcom’s presentation, but the actual announcement may end up disappointing some people.

Capcom U.S. recently tweeted its E3 showcase lineup, which reveals that there won’t be any new IPs coming this year or in the foreseeable future.

The games included were “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles,” “Monster Hunter Rise,” “Monster Hunter Stories 2” and “Resident Evil Village.”

The “Ace Attorney” series has been quiet in the past years, with its last entry “Great Ace Attorney 2” having been released back in 2017.

“The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles” is set to release on July 29 for the PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. “Chronicles” will bundle together the “Adventure” and “Resolve” games of the “Great Ace Attorney” series.

Unlike “Ace Attorney,” “Monster Hunter” has a stronger presence in gaming. Capcom is expected to announce even more new content for both “Rise” and “Stories 2” in its upcoming virtual presentation, with news regarding the PC port of “Monster Hunter Rise” being on top of the minds of many fans.

“Monster Hunter Rise” recently received a big update that added new monsters, equipment and a whole new ending to the game. More updates of a similar scale are expected to bring “Rise” up to par with “Monster Hunter World” in terms of content and overall longevity.

It’s unknown if “Rise” will ever get an expansion similar to “Iceborne,” but the considering the latter’s success, it’s highly possible that a similar DLC will be developed in the future.

A similar style of content update may also be seen with “Resident Evil Village.” The game was widely praised by the greater gaming community despite the middling reception from critics.

“Village’s” financial success may pave the way for more DLC and story expansions to the game, similar to how “Resident Evil 7” added DLCs that provided some decent side stories to the other characters in its cast.

Story content similar to the “End Of Zoe” DLC might be on the horizon, but given how the base game ended, it’s likely that any story-related DLC will be prequels or revolve around Chris Redfield’s perspective as he and his team executed their mission in the titular village.

The Valstrax returns in Monster Hunter Rise
The Valstrax returns in Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom