Two-Year-Old Caylee Anthony Plays With Stuffed Animals
Caylee's body was so badly decomposed after it was found, it was profoundly difficult to determine the cause of death. CBS News/Personal Photo

An Oklahoma lawmaker said on Wednesday that he has plans of introducing a law called the Caylee's law in his state requiring parents to swiftly report the death or disappearance of a child in the first legislation stemming from the death of the Florida toddler.

After the jury finding Casey Anthony not guilty on Tuesday of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, this report has come across.

Caylee's skeletal remains were found in woods near the Anthony family home with duct tape dangling from her skull.

Casey was convicted of lying to police initially saying Caylee had been kidnapped by her nanny. This triggered a nationwide search before her remains were found six months later.

It is unconscionable for a parent to delay notifying the authorities of the death of their child. Most parents would immediately notify authorities if their child had gone missing, state Rep. PaulWesselhoft said, adding he planned to introduce the law in Oklahoma's 2012 legislative session, a Reuters report said.

Any delay could endanger the life of the child and, in the case of a child's death, make it that much harder to collect evidence. I think the actions of Caylee's mother were reprehensible, he added, saying most people he met felt that Casey Anthony escaped true justice.

According to prosecutors, Casey smothered Caylee to free herself from the responsibilities of motherhood, whereas the defense argued that the child had died in an accidental drowning at the family swimming pool.

Wesselhoft said it was a problem that there were no laws regulating the timely reporting of a child's death or disappearance, and that the law should give a parent 24 hours to report the death of a child and 48 hours to report a child under age 12 as missing, said the report.

Violation of this law would be a maximum misdemeanor or a felony conviction. Oklahomans do not want to experience a situation such as what occurred in the Caylee Anthony case, said Wesselhoft, a Republican.