• Gaming company Razer unveiled a face mask filled with all sorts of high-tech goodies
  • The masks come with voice amplification and a clear front to help improve communication
  • The Project Hazel face masks do not have a price or release window just yet

Face masks became the must-have (quite literally) accessory of 2020, and that trend will continue into 2021. While a simple cloth face mask is enough to go shopping or walk around town, companies have been looking to improve the experience and make it easier to communicate and breathe with a mask on.

Leave it to a gaming company to really push forward the technology space, as Razer has done with its new line of smart face masks. Called Project Hazel, these masks come packed with all kinds of features. And because they’re made by a gaming company, they are naturally filled with customizable RGB lighting.

The Project Hazel face masks come with an N95-certified respirator. This is the same level of quality that medical professionals use. The ventilator on the mask has a 95 percent bacterial filtration efficiency, so only clean air will get to your lungs. The filter is replaceable, allowing the mask to be used for repeated, long-term use.

Razer has also tackled communication issues when wearing masks. Their Project Hazel mask has a transparent design, allowing people to see your facial expressions and read your lips. If it’s dark out, the mask will actually light up your face area, making it easy to see. Additionally, there is a microphone built into the mask that allows for voices to be amplified instead of muffled.

Of course, all this powered gear needs some way to get energy. Razer has created a box for the mask which serves a number of purposes. The first is that the box charges the mask, getting it ready for the next time it is worn. The second is that the box actually disinfects the mask. This is done via UV-C light.

razer-project-hazel-gallery-08 The Project Hazel mask in its recharging/sanitizing case Photo: Razer

If you are like me and wear glasses, then you likely know the struggle that is mask-related fogging. It can get so bad that I will sometimes just take off my glasses because I can actually see better. Razer has thought of this, and the tops of the Project Hazel masks use a silicon guard to ensure both a snug fit and something that is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, Razer has not provided a price, release date, or even a release window for the Project Hazel mask. Hopefully, these masks will be produced quickly enough that they will be helpful with fighting the coronavirus pandemic.