• Audio company Soul is looking to improve workouts with their Blade earbuds
  • The Blade earbuds are packed with health monitoring sensors to ensure correct running form
  • Blade earbuds can even provide injury warnings

Wireless earbuds come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. Some are basic devices that simply play audio, while others include features like tap-to-control, active noise cancellation, and audio pass-through modes. However, only one of them will help you become a better runner.

Wireless earbud company Soul has revealed their Blade earbuds at CES 2021, which have all the features you would expect from a pair of wireless earbuds, but they also come with multiple health sensors built-in. These sensors monitor everything from heart rate to gait analysis to provide feedback on a user’s workout. What’s even crazier is that the Soul Blade earbuds provide coaching so that you can fix any issues with your running technique to ensure you get the best workout experience possible.

Examples of how Soul Blade earbuds can improve running form include head angle, body tilt, stride distance, and more. When running, an AI voice will chime in to mention an area that needs correcting so that you know what to adjust without having to look at a screen.

At the end of each run, the Soul Blade app (called SOULFIT) provides a readout of all the stats generated from the workout. This includes the time spent running, distance traveled, heart rate, and other common areas of information. 

blade-app Examples of the SOULFIT app in action Photo: Soul

Because of all this health monitoring, the Blade earbuds can even provide information about potential areas of injury. For example, if you stomp down your feet heavily when running, the Blade earbuds will pick up on this and give an injury warning for your ankle and heel areas.

When not providing feedback, the SOULFIT app can be used to help motivate you and your friends. People can create challenges for others to complete. These can include distance-based or time-based challenges. One example provided was putting out a call to see who could be the first to log running ten miles. People can share these challenges with each other to inspire running for a little longer or working a little harder to get healthier.

Of course, the Blade earbuds also work like any other wireless earbuds when it comes to music playback. This includes supporting the AAC codec and aptX along with Bluetooth 5.0 to ensure high-quality audio compatibility and connectivity across every device. There is also an audio pass-through mode to provide safety for runners who want to better hear their surroundings.

The Blade earbuds also provide a whopping 96 hours of battery life between the earbuds and their recharging case. The case can store so much energy that it can actually be used as a portable charger to power other devices if the need arises.

Soul’s Blade earbuds do not have a confirmed release date as of right now but are expected to go on sale this spring. The Blade earbuds have been confirmed to cost $199 once they are available.